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Herbal Cure

Cold - migraines - stress -  hypotonic - circulatory problems... and numerous other disorders are dealt with great results with a mixture of Greek herbs. Nettle, thyme, dittany, oregon, lapathos and phascomilo are the main ingredients (and many others, all natural, which will be kept secret), in the proper amounts in order to release their powers.

We send you this mix in a beautiful handmade ceramic amphorae which will keep all the freshness of the product just the way they used to store them in Ancient Greece.

Additionally you will be send a small bottle of a  "Raki" an alcoholic drink originated from the island of Crete and a vase with Greek honey.

How to use all these: 
step 1:  Add 2 spoons of the herbal mix in about 1 cup of hot water (DO NOT BOIL). Keep the water hot for a while until all ingredients are released from the herbs.
step 2: Filter it and put it in a new cup
step 3: Heat up 1/4 cup of  "Raki" and add a teaspoon of honey in it while warm and stir until it is dissolved
step 4:Drink at once the raki-honey mix and then enjoy slowly the herbal tea.

If you are sick we suggest you drink as much of the herbal tea as possible and two times per day the raki-honey mix.

When you have high fever and difficulty in breathing heat up raki in a bowl and breath in the fumes for a few seconds. Rub your chest with pure raki and get under the bed sheets.

This suggestions is what we do hear in Greece for many many years and so far we are totally satisfied with the results.

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